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Read on to find out more about 2020 and our new brand identity.

October 06, 2015

Welcome to the 2020 Graphic Design Website!

Welcome to our graphic design website! This is the place to view our latest design work, as well as find out more about our graphic design services and how they can help your business.

Here at 2020 however we offer much more than a singular graphic design service. We cover everything through design, print and photography (see here), all under one roof at our unit in Leeds. Our unit houses a dedicated team of designers and photographers, not to mention a digital printing press and a fully equipped photography studio. After all, why deal with the hassle of leaving it up to multiple different companies to look after your needs, when we can take care of everything?

To start things off we’re going to get a little retrospective (after all, who doesn’t like talking about themselves?) and examine our recently refurbished brand identity – within the larger context of the design world of course.

Image isn’t everything: or is it?

It’s said by many a designer that, while they are proficient at branding the companies and clients they work for, when it comes to defining themselves and their values and translating that information into a graphic/typographic form, they have some trouble. It was lucky for us, then, that we already had a logo; we just wanted to give it a new lease of life.

For us, continuity and coherence was a big aim with our new look as we’d never quite hit that proverbial on the head. We needed our new approach to our brand to allow us a lot of creative freedom when it came to designing for different media, while giving enough restrictions to ensure a consistent image.

I want that one

Brand consistency aids brand recognition, and as any business will know, this is extremely important as customers and clients need to be able to instantly distinguish between yours and your competitor’s product or service.

Brand recognition increases awareness of your business and also encourages customer loyalty – if a customer is deciding between two products and recognises the name on one of them, they are far more likely to choose that product: much the same way you would likely choose the film that featured actors you knew over one that didn’t. However, if your brand isn’t consistent (or well designed), the likelihood of this happening are lower.

Don’t let your image fall flat

After working through several concepts for our own brand identity, we decided on the ‘flat graphic’ style you can see throughout our new online and printed media. Flat graphics have become quite the trend within design during the past year or two, a minimalist approach rebelling against the cacophony of 3-D embevelled logos and ‘realistic’ graphics that pervaded the industry. It is a form that aims to communicate with the viewer quickly and quietly, using simple representations of real world objects.

However, one of the most important rules when designing a logo and a brand identity is to create something that will stand the test of time – many a logo has been discarded after a few short years because it embodied a time or a trend that had passed. Despite this, Apple, as you can see below, have rather sneakily managed to break this rule by updating the style of their logo, while keeping the logo itself the same, to reflect a more contemporary style as time has passed. In updating the look of our logo, while keeping the bare bones the same, we are aiming to follow a similar path. This not only enables us to maintain a current and fresh look, but also to preserve the brand recognition we have built up over the years.


If you’d like to enquire about our services, have any queries or just want to chat, get in touch via our contact form, by phone on 0113 272 0277 or email mark@2020pv.co.uk.